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机场 — 值机篇

1. 你知道在哪里可以值机吗?

Do you know where I can check in?

2. 你知道值机柜台在哪里吗?

Do you know where the check-in counter is?

3. 我要一个靠窗/靠过道的座位。

I'd like to have a seat by the window/aisle.

aisle - [aɪl]

4. 我想要托运这两件行李。

I would like to check these 2 pieces.

5. 这个可以通过安检吗?

Can I take this through security?

6. 行李可以直接托运到(终点站)吗?(转机适用)

Can I check my luggage through to ……?

7. 我要退这张票。

I'd like a refund on this ticket.

8. 我想把这张票升级成头等舱。

I would like to change this ticket to the first class.

机场 — 候机篇


1. 我怎样才能找到行李推车?

How can I find a trolley?

2. 你知道机场休息室在哪里吗?

Do you know where the Airport Lounge is?

3. 你知道吸烟区/室在哪里吗?

Do you know where the smoking area/room is?

4. 洗手间在哪里?

Where is the restroom?

5. 我乘坐的飞机会准点起飞吗?

Is my flight on time?

6. 我们延误多长时间?

How many hours are we behind schedule?

7. 这趟航班要到哪个登机口登机?

What gate does the flight board at?

8. 请问 __ 号登机口在哪里?

Excuse me, where is the Gate ___?

9. 这班飞机几点开始登机?

When does the flight begin boarding?

机场 — 乘机篇

1. 是否可替我更换座位?

Could you change my seat, please?

2. 对不起,这是我的座位(如果有人占了你的位子)

I'm sorry, I think you are in my seat.

3. 请给我一个枕头和毛毯。

May I have a pillow and a blanket, please?

4. 现在可以解开安全带了吗?

Is it all right to loosen my seat belt?

5. 请给我一副耳机/拖鞋好吗?

May I have a headset/ a pair of slippers?

6. 请给我一份报纸好吗?

Could I get a newspaper?

7. 可以给我一支笔填入境表吗?

Could you lend me a pen to fill out this immigration form?

8. 请告诉我如何填写这张表格(出入境表)?

Could you tell me how to fill in this form?

机场 — 行李遗失篇

1. 我找不到我的行李。

I can't find my baggage/luggage.

2. 这是我的行李票。

Here is my claim tag.

3. 是否可麻烦紧急查询?

Could you please check it urgently?

4. 一旦行李找到,请立即送到我停留的饭店。

Please deliver the baggage to my hotel as soon as you have located it.

5. 若是今天无法找到行李,你如何帮我呢?

How can you help me if you can't find my baggage today?


1. 我想把全部汇款换成美金。

I'd like to convert the full amount of the remittance into U.S. dollars.

2. 我想把这张纸币换成硬币。

I'd like some coins for this note.

3. 请问现在__(货币)汇率是多少?

Could you tell me what the exchange rate for __?

4. 哪里有自动取款机?

Where is the ATM?

5. 我想把这张50美元纸币换开。

I'd like to break this 50 dollar note.

6. 请给我5张20元和10张1元的。

Five twenties and ten singles, please?


1. 我会晚一点到,请保留我所预定的房间。

I'll arrive late, but please keep my reservation.

2. 我想要一间视野好(有阳台)的房间。

I'd like a room with a nice view (a balcony).

3. 随时都有热水供应吗?

Is hot water available any time?

4. 我想要一个单人间/双人标间/双人大床间/套间。

I want a single room/ double standard room/ king or queen room/ suite.

(高级间前可加superior, 豪华间前可加deluxe,行政楼层executive floor,海景房sea view room,无烟房non smoking room, 残疾人客房handicapped room,总统套房Presidential Suite)

5. 我想使用客房服务点餐。

I'd like to order something from room service.

6. 住宿的押金是__, 现金还是信用卡预授权?押金单请收好。

Your room deposit is __, cash or credit card pre-authorization? Please keep the deposit receipt.

7. 我想要早上7点的起床叫醒电话。

I would like to have a morning call/wake-up call at 7:00 in the morning.

8. 我要一间带淋浴/浴缸的房间?

I want a room with shower/bath.

9. 您预订时用的名字是?

What name is the reservation under?

10. 健身房和游泳池在顶层。

The weight room/gym and swimming pool are on the top floor.

11. 请问今晚我的房间里能否附加一张床?

May I have an extra bed put in my room tonight?

12. 我想请人打扫一下我的房间,能叫个服务员过来吗?

I'd like to have my room cleaned. Would you please send a maid here right now? 

13. 麻烦你替我把衣服拿去洗一下。

I'd like to ask for the laundry service.

14. 洗发水shampoo, 护发素hair conditioner,沐浴乳shower gel,剃须刀Shaver,梳子comb,浴巾bath towel。

15. 我要退房,请给我账单。

I'd like to check out. My bill, please.


1. 请到这个地址。

Take me to this address please.

2. 计价器上显示的是多少钱?

How much does the meter ( taxi meter) read?

3. 我要发票。

I need the receipt.

4. 请让我在酒店门口下车。

Please drop me at the hotel gate.

5. 乘计程车到市中心需要多少钱?

How much does it cost to the city center by taxi?

6. 请在这里停车。

Stop here, please.

7. 不用找钱了。

Keep the change, please.

8. 你知道最近的地铁站在哪里吗

Do you know where the nearest subway station is?

9. 这是去__的地铁吗?

Is this the right subway to __?

10. 换乘站:transfer station


1. 请给我菜单。

May I have a menu, please?

2. 这里最欢迎的餐点是什么呢?

What kind of dish is most popular here?

3. 不好意思,我们可以点餐了。

Excuse me, we are ready to order.

4. 我们还需要一些时间看一下菜单。

We need more time to look at the menu.

5. 你们现在有空桌吗?

Do you have free tables right now?

6. 有今日特餐吗?

Do you have today's special?

7. 餐厅是否有供应素食餐?

Do you have vegetarian dishes?

8. 牛排全熟(七分熟/五分熟/三分熟)

Well done(Medium well/medium/medium rare).

9. 麻烦请结账。

Check, please. / Bill, please.

10. 餐费里包含了小费吗?

Is the tip include in the check.

11. 可以给我一个汤匙吗?

May I have another spoon, please?

12. 可以给我一个叉子吗?

Could you give me a fork, please?

13. 不好意思,我点的餐还没来。

Excuse me. My order has not arrived yet.

14. 可以再给我一些水/纸巾吗?

Could I have some more water/napkins?

15. 蒜:garlic 洋葱:onion 姜:ginger

16. 番茄酱:ketchup 酱油:soy sauce 醋:vinegar 橄榄油:Olive Oil。


1. 附近哪里有百货商店?

Is there a department store around here?

2. 最近的超市在哪里?

Where is the nearest supermarket from here?

3. 这里有免税店吗?

Is there a duty-free shop?

4. 你能把它作为礼物包装吗?

Can you wrap it as a gift?

5. 能打折么?

Could you give me a little discount?

6. 试衣间在哪里?

Where is the fitting room?

7. 我买它有免税吗?

Can I buy it tax-free?

8. 能给我张退税表吗?

May I have the form for tax refund?


1. 我的腿受伤了。

I have injured my leg.

2. 我的胃很难受。

I have an upset stomach.

3. 我有些呼吸困难。

I have difficulty breathing.

4. 你能带我去医院吗?

Coud you take me to the hospital, please?

5. 我想买点止痛药。

I'd like some pain killing drugs.














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